POPULAR ELECTRICALS & TRADING COMPANY is in operation since 2001 in Qatar market. The unbeaten track record in trading for last 2 Decade coupled with a pool of experienced hands with profound knowledge in the field has helped Popular to place themselves as one of the leading players in local market for Electrical Products.

Our History

The origin dates back to 2001, when Mr Pattali Appukuttan Lathesh (MANAGING DIRECTOR OF POPULAR GROUP) with a burning passion to make a difference set out to build a robust business in the Qatar Electrical Industry.

PET beginning in a small shop with only few materials, a vision and a strong make – do belief apart from a capital of Qatari Riyal 2500, and two workers to assist him, he set sail on his dream.

PET grew rapidly to become a name synonymous with branded electrical materials across the Qatar. Popular extended their range of materials to all the type of Cables, Distribution Boards, Switches & Sockets, Earthing Materials, Cable Glands & Cable Lugs, Industrial Sockets, Cable Sleeves GI & PVC Conduits and accessories, Panel Boards, Switch Gears, Cable Joint Kits, LED lights, Metal Halide Lights, Exhaust Fans for residential and industrial purpose, MCB, MCCB, ELCB, RCBO and more many electrical products provides to Qatar markets.

PET provides branded and quality products to our customers wide range products. The reputation has been built on sheer passion and continuous quest to understand its consumers better. With stringent quality, reliable products, talented people and a responsible approach to business. Popular continuous to steadily capture the hearts of people across the Qatar.

PET look in to the future to add more well known branded electrical products from all over the world, which are using in residential and commercial electrical industry. Now we reaches near 100 employees, 3 strong divisions sales channels PROJECT – WHOLESALES – RETAIL, more than 3000 different range of electrical products and business around 80 millions Qatari Riyal annual turnover. Mainly products importing from European countries, Middle East, China and India.

PET can proudly saying, we are handling more than 700 satisfied clients all over the Qatar. Construction sector our name is always familiar to everybody, wherever in Qatar starting a projects or a trading shop our presence must be there.

PET supply and service is very vast and also punctual on time as wish of our valued customers. Our engineering professionals always helping the customers and solve the complaints of products.

PET always makes sure to keep the QUALITY and SAFETY of all the products. We never compromise the materials standards and best quality.

PET have already participated with many of reputed companies and their big projects in Qatar – like Ashghal Projects, Roads & Bridges – Infrastructure, New Hamad International Airport, New Hamad Ship Port, Metro Rails Projects, Barwa Real Estate Projects, Lusail City, New Doha City – Al Dafna, Qatar Government Companies and we have very much proud for deliver the electrical products to all the foot ball stadiums which are built for FIFA 2022.

Project Division

Project Division upholds the pride and dignity of the Popular Electrical & Trading Company. This division has been helping the company out of financial difficulties at various times during the recession.

Project Division has the most experienced and highly qualified professionals. This division is dealing business with more than 300 small & big construction companies in Qatar.

In short, Project Division is the “CENTRE PILLAR” of Popular Company.

Wholesales Division

POPULAR is one of the top ranking electrical products wholesalers in Qatar. This division is dealing business with more than 250 satisfied retail trading customers all over Qatar.

POPULAR frequently have a good business relationship with electrical products manufactures and sole distributors all over the world and keep maintain an exclusive buying agreements and buying power. We buy a large quantity of electrical products directly from manufactures and sole distributors. High volume purchase is always helping us to get good discount from them. Through this facility we are trading with retailers amazing price.

POPULAR keeping a strong relationship with our trade customers, each year we provide grand annual party, gifts & rewards to all our customers.

Retail Division

POPULAR retail is the sale of goods and services to individuals or businesses to the end-user. Our retail shops are part of an integrated system and supply chain. We sell the electrical products smaller or wholesale quantities to the consumer for a minimum margin profit through retail shops. Our retail shops located different corner of Qatar with well trained employees. Popular retail department provide excellent customer service like DOOR TO DOOR DELIVERY where the customer needed any location in Qatar. Popular retail shops are well known “ONE STOPS SOLUTION FOR ALL THE TYPE OF ELECTRICAL MATERIALS”.

Why Choose Popular Electricals and Trading

Popular never negotiate the Quality Policy. Our management and all department working based 6 number of ‘C’

  • Character– Make ethics a way of business
  • Courage – Cover the set backs
  • Conviction – Belief in Profession & Organization
  • Clarity – Clear our Goals & Achievement
  • Competence – Skills & Will to sell more
  • Communication – Persuasive skills convince the customers
Popular Electricals and Trading Co. W.L.L services
  • POPULAR don’t want to push our ideas and interests up on to customers or suppliers. “We simply want to make what they want or what they need”. We believe in the power of recognition and empowerment leading to great employee engagement, this is the core of our culture and how we achieve outstanding customer service.

  • Popular Never looks on the COMPETITION; we are always focusing on the CUSTOMER. We are collecting the correct feedback from customers and find out the mistakes or any problems; we are committed to give ever best service in future.

  • POPULAR aware that happy customers are the main ASSETS of the Popular Electricals & Trading Company, follow this slogan and we are existing one of the most successful and well reputed in Qatar market.

Our Mission

POPULAR is as one of the nation’s top ranking “ELECTRICAL TRADERS”.

POPULAR is committed leading the electrical trading business in SAFETY ADVANCEMENTS, WORKFORCE TRAINING, PUNCTUAL SERVICE and CUSTOMER SATIFACTION. Popular will meet and exceed customer expectations through our wide range of materials, strict quality assurance, excellent service and economic budget.

POPULAR pledge to maintain our progressive business philosophies and pursue unique and challenging business ideas to help build a corporate culture that fosters innovative thinking and strategic action.

Our Trust

Popular Electricals & Trading Company W.L.L- now completed last 20 years in Qatar electrical trading industry. Our prosperity and sustainable development are based on the TRUST it inspires in it’s our employees, customers & suppliers. This business trust must also be present in the strong relationship between the company and all the customers & suppliers.

Popular Electricals & Trading Co is always providing the BEST for our team and customers and not only looking the profit margin in business, but we always keep the humility, long term relationship, accuracy, respectability, reliability and responsibility to this country and people.

Health Policy

POPULAR very much cautious and gives more priority in our employees health protection. We provided HEALTH CARD to all our employees, through this service all employees’ getting best treatment without any expense. We never negotiate or bargain in employees welfare and safety measures. Consider our all employees are a part of company, their prosperity is company prosperity.

POPULAR believes a healthy work force is more productive workforce. Healthy workers were three times productive than those in poor health. In addition, staff morale is generally higher. Employee’s health protection is always helping company more productive all around and more able to focus on their work, this benefits provided to all employees with peace of mind throughout their workday. Our employees are very much happy and comfortable in Popular.

POPULAR aware the health protection is a good step toward work life balance. Health protection advantage mainly helping employees need to work in POPULAR a long time.

Safty Measures

POPULAR gives more priority in safety measures where the employee working or any other department workers. Management, Office staff, Warehouse staff, Delivery drivers and Laborers must attend the training program every six months. We hiring the PROFESSIONAL TRAINING PEOPLE from the reputed companies and these professionals provided good classes and practical training to all the employees whatever they needed only. Our all employees very much alert in their safety and security. Popular reminds all the workers about their personal safety and protection. Violation of Safety Rules & Regulations is not tolerating the company.

  • All incidents must be reported immediately to your department and prior to leaving the workplace.
  • All workers must have safety measures indicating that they are trained
  • Workers must wear appropriate PPE when and where required.
  • Workers must perform all work following safe work practices and safe job procedures.
  • Workers must maintain good housekeeping.
  • No fighting or horseplay is permitted at the workplace.
  • No theft or vandalism will be tolerated at the workplace.
  • No possession or consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs is permitted while at the workplace.
  • You are not permitted to arrive or remain at work if your ability to perform the job safely is impaired.